Saturday, 26 January 2013

ICC Women's World Cup 2013 fixtures

We like to make things easy, so we have collated all the fixtures for you - including the warm up matches...
Mumbai venues: Brabourne Stadium [aka Cricket Club of India], Middle Income Group Ground (MIG), Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai Police Gymkhana (MPG)
Cuttack venues: Barabati Stadium, Driems Cricket Ground (DCG)

WARM-UP MATCHES (all star at 3.30am GMT)
28 England v South Africa, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
28 India v New Zealand, Mumbai (BKC) 
28 West Indies v Australia, Mumbai (MIG)
28 New Local XI v Sri Lanka, Mumbai (MPG)
28 Pakistan v Local XI, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
29 India v Australia, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium) 
29 West Indies v Local XI, Mumbai (MPG)
29 England v New Zealand, Mumbai (BKC)
29 Sri Lanka v South Africa, Mumbai (MIG)
30 Pakistan v Local XI, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)


Group A: England (A1), India (A2), West Indies (A3), Sri Lanka (A4)
Group B: Australia (B1), New Zealand (B2), Pakistan (B3), South Africa (B4)
31 India v West Indies (d/n), Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium) (9am GMT)
February (all games start at 3.30am GMT, unless stated)
1 England v Sri Lanka, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
1 New Zealand v South Africa, Cuttack (DCG)
1 Australia v Pakistan, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
3 India v England, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
3 Sri Lanka v West Indies, Mumbai (MIG)
3 New Zealand v Pakistan, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
3 Australia v South Africa, Cuttack (DCG)
5 India v Sri Lanka (d/n), Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium) (9am GMT)
5 England v West Indies, Mumbai (BKC)
5 Pakistan v South Africa, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
5 Australia v New Zealand, Cuttack (DCG)


Teams retain their ranking from the group stage no matter where they qualify - for example, England will be A1 whether they finish first, second or third. If A4 (Sri Lanka) or B4 (South Africa) qualify, they will adopt the ranking of the team they replace in the Super Six

(all games starts at 3.30am, unless stated)
7 7th/8th place play-off, Cuttack (DCG - or Barabati Stadum if Pakistan feature)
8 A1 v B1, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
8 A2 v B2, Mumbai (BKC)
8 A3 v B3, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
10 A2 v B1, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
10 A1 v B3, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
11 A3 v B2, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)
13 A1 v B2 (d/n), Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium) (9am GMT)
13 A3 v B1, Mumbai (MIG)
13 A2 v B3, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
15 5th/6th place play-off, Cuttack (Barabati Stadium)
15 3rd/4th place play-off, Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium)


17 Final (d/n), Mumbai (Brabourne Stadium) (9am GMT)

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